My interest in photography began as far back as I can remember.  As a student at Berea College majoring in art, my interest broadened to a more serious level.  It was there I learned photography by assignment, working for Berea’s Public Relations and Development departments.  Manual photography,  darkroom and black & white skills were honed long before the eventual move to digital.

Upon graduation there were several major grant projects as well as local freelance work.  This diversity set the stage for being able to shoot without being particularly specialized in one area of photography.

Having relocated from Berea, Ky to Tallahassee Florida in 1979, I’ve continued to photograph on a freelance basis.  The type of work I do is quite varied ranging from advertising and product photography to portraiture, event, aerial, legal, real estate, and the occasional wedding.  There have also been creative explorations with infrared, hand tinting, 360° panoramas and even work with 3D anaglyphs.  Digital photography also requires computer skills which continue to be an ongoing practice.   Post production work is done on the computer and digital file transfer can be done using varying methods with work generally being turned around and delivered as quickly as possible.

On the occasion where a request for photography is beyond my range of capability referrals will be made to other professionals.  Although my experiences and skills are diverse, there are the situations where a specialization is more suited to a client’s needs.

Please contact me by phone or email to discuss whatever photography needs you may have.

Thank you

Larry Coltharp

850 224-0582

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